We focuses exclusively on the two areas that create customer demand: sales and marketing. As a result, our expertise in this domain is both broad and deep. We provide a vast range of sales and marketing related services in the industry...

We offers cross-industry experience combined with deep expertise in sales and marketing strategy and operational issues. We have worked with clients in more than 70 countries around the world and across...

Based on the Explorer Study, this infographic shows that when companies invest in a sales transformation across several prioritized SFE initiatives, they can improve their performance by up to 23% within one year...

What we Offer

Tailored Solutions and Services



Proven Technologies & Services have helped hundreds of companies worldwide solve their most critical sales and marketing challenges, by bringing rigorous research and analysis, critical thinking, and thought leadership to decisions that are often otherwise based on intuition.



We break down processes to identify opportunities and challenges, using data, facts and rigorous analysis to drive our recommendations. Our experts uniquely understand the interconnections in the entire sales and marketing system of each client.



Proven Technologies helps companies define and execute their technology strategy by designing, building and operating the business intelligence (BI), cloud, data management, dashboard and analytics capabilities that are at the core of sales and marketing operations.



If you’re ready to streamline and automate sales business processes, improve sales decision-making and drive profitability, you need Javelin Software Solutions. Automate your sales compensation calculations. Establish fair and motivating sales goals, refine them at a local level


We cover different industry sectors, from Business Services, Financial Services, Medical Products and Services, Pharmaceuticals and Biotech, Travel and Transportation and More.

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