Working at Proven Technologies & Services Pvt Ltd

Consulting constitutes a double partnership. You work for Proven Technologies & Services Pvt Ltd, but you are accountable to someone else, too—the client, who drives our business.

Each client situation is different and requires a customized solution from a Proven Technologies & Services Pvt Ltd team. Our approach and expertise have made us a valued partner of many Fortune 500 companies.


Proven Technologies & Services Pvt Ltd is a specialized consulting firm. We focus on transforming the sales and marketing efforts of our clients.

Our offerings range from broad sales and marketing strategy development to detailed tactical implementation.

We help our clients increase their top-line sales through enhanced customer targeting, refined marketing strategies, more efficient sales and marketing operations and an effective use of technology.

Proven Technologies & Services Pvt Ltd has a strong presence in the healthcare industries, particularly those areas pertaining to biotech, pharmaceuticals and medical products and services.

We also work in other targeted industries—such as financial services, travel and transportation and high tech—in which the sales force is a key element.


Proven Technologies & Services Pvt Ltd is a high-energy and team-oriented workplace with a focus on project delivery. Project teams value contributions from all team members.

Together, our collective knowledge allows each Proven Technologies & Services Pvt Ltd team to deliver superior results to our clients.

We expect a lot from ourselves and from each other, and we think that's good.

Because rewards are based on merit, everyone can contribute and develop, regardless of background.


Proven Technologies & Services Pvt Ltd consistently delivers fresh ideas and solutions that transform client organizations.

Innovation results from the global perspectives of your teammates, who may be located in your office or in another office around the world.