Pharmaceuticals and Biotech

Pharmaceuticals and Biotech

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies face a marketing environment with tremendous fragmentation across customers – the consumer is the patient, but the decision maker is a physician, and the payer is typically a third-party – and with a limited commercial window in which to maximize sales outcomes. In this environment, effective sales and marketing choices are essential to make the most of each product opportunity. We help pharmaceutical and biotech firms address a broad range of sales and marketing issues, including:

Commercialize New Products Successfully

  • Assess market opportunity for proposed new products, including sales forecasting and market definition
  • Create and implement a new product launch strategy, including value proposition development for each proposed customer group

Maximize Revenue of Existing Brands

  • Optimize inter-related marketing decisions including segmentation, targeting, positioning, and promotional mix

Drive Increased Sales Force Effectiveness

  • Design the sales force structure, size, and deployment to accommodate an evolving portfolio of products and changing customer needs
  • Enable sales execution through effective customer segmentation, targeting, team selling, compensation plans, and performance tracking and reporting systems

Integrate Global Sales Organizations During Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Determine the best size, structure, deployment, and systems for the combined sales organization, and implement with speed and precision

For nearly 30 years, pharmaceutical and biotech companies around the world have chosen Proven Technologies to help them develop and implement winning sales and marketing strategies. We will help you:

  • Increase product sales and market penetration with specific sales and marketing strategies
  • Improve sales and marketing return on investment through effective resource allocation and targeted marketing
  • Achieve measurable productivity gains across international organizations and their local subsidiaries

Our expertise ranges from strategic work focused on questions such as the development of the future pharmaceutical commercialization model to tactical matters such as physician targeting and segmentation – we can also provide operational support to sales and marketing organizations through our outsourcing offerings. Using proprietary, field-tested research and problem-solving tools and processes, we can help you succeed at the global, regional and local levels.

If you would like to learn more about our experience with pharmaceuticals and biotech, we would be happy to discuss our insights regarding key challenges, critical success factors and proven approaches.